Aurora Cushion Foundation Review


I am amazed how correct this prediction was which I read in Cosmopolitan Magazine in May 2016

” Mark our words, 2016 will be the year of cushion foundations. ”

Yes it was !!! And This is my 4th Cushion from that post , 3rd Brand I tried, None of them disappointed me so far. These BB and CC cushions just slowly replacing my favorite foundations and Tinted moisturizers. I am fully converted to these sponge filled compacts because they make the job of applying foundation so much quicker and cleaner. As with most beauty technologies, this trend also started in Korea and it’s only in the past year that they’ve finally found their way over here in GCC also.

Now if we could get the genuine products directly from Korea Only Then we Can get the results. Thankfully @BeautyKoreaDubai is there.

You have seen my many reviews on foundations and Cushions also. This Aurora Foundation which I got from took my heart away 💕


Aurora Cushion is so gliding, refreshing, smooth and long lasting. Its a real makeup stays all days long. Before I write a review I use product atleast 4-5 days so I could give you an honest review. I just need a mascara and a blusher with a lip tint for barefaced makeup look. Get your right shade and have fun 😊. Its Full Coverage and Flawless Finish for all day.

This foundation has so many Plus points but the most impressive thing is, this cushion didn’t give me any breakout and as all the natural ingredients are in formula thats why Whenever I wash my Face after makeup I find my skin more hydrated and bright. I love such effective makeUp. I think after this barely any other cushion will impress me. Let’s see… 😛

You can buy this from the following link

It has a refill also so 2 cushions in price of 1. Buy This and forget the hassle of Brushes and messy foundations for daily makeup.

Give it a try and forget the messy foundation. Its soo cute and handy to carry with.

Happy MakeUp 💕❤






Loreal Paris Elvive Keratin Straight 72H Review

Loreal Paris’ Shampoos and Conditioners are super awesome since ever. They have a wide range of selection for almost all your hair needs.
I just got this new “Loreal Paris Elvive Keratin Straight 72H” range in this Catchy Colored Bottles. It claims that Frizz Free Hair for 72Hours. Woww!
Formula Mentioned on Bottle looks very impressive. I am going to try this today. Lets see how promising it is. Lets see if it really works on my Frizz in this humidity.
Lets do the Challenge ❤ 👍


Day 1:

Immediately silky smooth and Frizz Free Hair. Exactly like a high end professional haircare in salon Keratin Shampoo. Took less time (almost half) in straightening my hair. My Hair kept straight and smooth all evening.

Day 2:
My Hair Still FrizzFree and Manageable till noon. Looking really nice and I am enjoying the volume and smoothness. Infact Today my hair more beautiful then Day 1. Wow 😂👍 . YaY!! Its a good Hair day.

Day 3:
Thats the real challenge day. And Yes I got a little frizzy end. And Yes its almost 72 Hrs. And Only weaken parts of my Hair got Frizzy but still it is Ok. I put some serum Or Oil Replacement and It was good to go but I took the photo before applying serum ,  just to show the maximum Frizz I got. I think on third day this Frizz is not a big deal. The real thing is Hydration and bounce in hair and it is still there. Which is commendable.

I would recommend the Loreal Keratin Straight hair care. It Works 👍❤

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Tiddley Pom Organic Baby Spa Review

Tiddley Pom Organic Baby Spa – Pampered to perfection, just as Mother Nature intended
Being a mom I am always looking for something Natural and Organic for my son. Like every mom I also want to give best to my kid. Now in the region where we are living dry and rough skin is something you have to go through and If we ignore, it gets worse and worse and at last becomes sensitive and painful.

Tiddley Pom

I inherited dry skin and sometimes it becomes so sensitive to treat and I am afraid my child to suffer the same. So I keep changing his skin routine and thats why I am always looking for Natural Herbal products for him.
A couple of weeks ago I became very happy to realize that I dont need to search any more as Tiddley Pom Organic Baby Spa, the organic skincare range especially for babies, is now available in the GCC.

Tiddley Pom Organic Baby Spa is Very unique baby skin care Developed by Emma Nash, an expert in organic beauty ingredients, the award-winning British brand is the first evernatural, baby spa concept that both cares for delicate skin and enhances the connection between mother and child, via touch, smell and sound, an infant’s three primary senses.

Tiddley Pom achieves this through its four-step spa routine, which incorporates
Organic Baby Wash,
Organic Massage Oil,
Organic Soothing Lotion and
Organic Nappy Balm.

Tiddley Pom
All products are amazing I will give it 4.5/5
Each product can be used independently but is more effective as a complete, holistic treatment.

I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I felt a very visible difference in my son’s skin texture. Its more Hydrated and smooth. More Clear. And mostly after massage he takes a nap and wakes up very happy and active. I regret that why didn’t I find it when my son was new born. You will not find a better nappy rash cream than this.
I would suggest all new mummies or Mummies to be. Buy one from it will be a great gift to your child.

Whole advised processes works on the rules of science. The tender touch of massage encourages bonding between baby and mother, while aromatherapy fragrances help to soothe and relax.

There is also A CD featuring calming music by world-renowned guitarist Fridrik Karlsson and composed specifically for Tiddley Pom, completes the sensory spa experience. A baby massage guide, containing helpful tips and techniques, is also availableon DVD. My son is already in Love with the CD and its cute packaging.



I googled the product and found this information:
Tiddley Pom is the brainchild of UK-based Emma Nash, who developed the brand after the birth of her daughter, who had sensitive skin. Having spent the previous 10 years formulating and supplying raw, natural ingredients to the UK’s skin-care industry, Emma had first-hand knowledge of ingredients and their role in soothing irritated skin.

We know that “Babies’ skin is 30% thinner than adult skin and requires extra-special care, particularly for newborns and babies who suffer rashes and eczema,” explains Emma Nash, founder, Tiddley Pom. “Some of our products are also scent-free so babies can recognise the smell of his/her mother, again helping to reinforce the precious bonding process,” she adds.

She also understood the multi-sensory impact on the brains of babies and children, having started her career as Communications Manager at The Children’s Trust, a UK centre for children with profound and multiple disabilities. Music, aromatherapy and massage were all key components in the treatment and care of these children. Emma’s background in natural ingredients and multisensory rehabilitation was instrumental in her development of Tiddley Pom.
This product is Made in England using carefully selected ingredients from sustainable sources, the Tiddley Pom range is organic, not tested on animals and free of parabens (preservatives), sodium lauryl sulfate and mineral oils.

Products’ ingredients are certified by the UK’s Soil Associationand all products are also certified by ESMA (the UAE’s federal authority for standardisation and certification). All Tiddley Pom formulations are tested by an independent consumer advisory panel of mothers.

Award-winning baby spa brand Tiddley Pom in the GCC is available on – the e-boutique for world’s nature-luxe beauty brands.

For the products retail prices, you may please check:

I will wait for your comments on this and you are most welcome for any queries .


Happy Motherhood ❤❤❤

GlowRadiance Micellar Water Revie

GlowRadianceMicellarWater is a magically refreshing cleanser. After the whole tiring day when I dip cotton and swipe it on my face it just removes all the makeup and dirt while leaving skin soft and supple. Its very refreshing I feel energy after using it. It smells so nice. It removes 90% face makeup in just one swipe. But I have to clean my Mascara twice and sometimes thrice if its waterproof for 100% cleaning. Its a must try. Its price is AED 95/- and you can buy this from

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EtudeHouse Drawing EyeBrowser Review

If you want to draw your EyeBrows so Natural then use this Korean Made EtudeHouse Drawing Eyebrowser . Its very Natural in color but, very very Natural in color. Its spreadability is so smooth on your skin it blends in blinks. It means you have full hold and control on your artistic strokes. Ultimately Yes!!! It produces natural clean and very delicate eyebrows. I ll give it 4/5


You can buy this from
[ETUDE HOUSE] Drawing Eyebrow 0.25g


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Rock & Ruddle HairBrush

I am in Love with my hair brush could never think of a HairBrush which can put shine and beauty in your hair in just one blink. Seriously the freshness and beauty in just few strokes. See My Video on my Instagram.

As my friends and family know that I am suffering from chronic hairfall. So thats why I am always looking for Haircare. Well I also love my hair ❤ soo try to take care of my crown 👑 and after I started using this I am feeling my scalp a little better than before but I am positive for future also that I ll get my lustrous locks back 👸🏻.

Instantly this brush gives shine and such a sleek look to my hair The fluff I always have because of humidity is gone whenever I brush which is big plus for me. As sometimes I need to use the heat irons for that and I am happy without heat I can get sleek look.

with this brush I felt that massage like feel on my scalp and its Natural Bristles made my Hair Shine. I cant write and explain the feel I got in my Hair.

When I did some research on this brush I found this amazing review by Alice. Its so true but One can understand only if try.

I never thought I would feel this strongly about a hairbrush, but this is excellent – a blow dry in a brush! Rated 9/10

Alice Smellie, Daily Mail ” 

Good quality boar bristles are strong and resilient, have a natural stiffness that means they brush the hair thoroughly and yet don’t pull as they are drawn through it.

It has microscopic scales that release and drag the sebum (natural oil) that is produced in the scalp distributing it along the hair making it shiny and healthy looking.

They also keep the hair clean as the scales pick up dirt and excess oils as they go through the hair. The bristles can be cleaned by dipping them in warm, soapy water.

There are gorgeous designs rather that boring lifeless designs. I love my Facncy PolkaDots which one will you choose?

The complete range can be checked on


Large Brush is AED 180/-

Small Brush is AED 130/- Review

My quest for online shopping always takes me to different eStores. Some satisfactory some awesome some super awesome.
This time I was looking for some Natural MakeUp range and came across to
I got so impressed with their luxurious Natural skincare and makeup range. And then they shocked me with their awesome customer support and faster deleivery. I just ordered yesterday and within 24 Hours my parcel was at my door. I would definitely recommend to those looking for Organic Natural Haircare/SkinCare or Baby Care in UAE. ❤❤❤ My Reviews are coming soon.
Have a Look !!!


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AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion White



Magic Snow Cushion White has an amazing pretty glowy finish, perfect if you have dry skin like me . As I love the Korean dewy look on my DrySkin. I honestly can’t decide which one I should use now BB Cream or this cute handy Kit. I loved it in fact I love the fact that this is moisturizing on my dry skin and does not accentuate dry patches. Thats The Plus For my makeup Pouch. ❤

Buy a Genuine Original Korean Makeup in #UAE with Faster than Fast deleivery and World Best Customer Support ❤ from
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Huxley : Secret Of Sahara

Huxley Korea discovers the Secrete Of Sahara … Best Serum of 2016 by Allure… The Cactus Seed Oil infused Natural skin care is on my shelf now…

Huxley Cleansing Gel : Be Clean Be Moist
Huxley Toner : Extract IT
Huxley Oil Essence : ESSENCE-LIKE, OIL-LIKE
Huxley Cream : ANTI-GRAVITY

Formulae and reviews just inspired me a lot.

Thank you for Guaranteed Genuine Korean brands in UAE and your Faster than Fast Deleivery. Whenever I ordered, within 24 Hours my order is on my Shelf.
I am so excited to use Huxley. Its Formula packaging everything is very catchy and I am sure it will be amazing on my desert like very dry skin 😜.
Reviews will be Coming soon.

Get yours from @etariq.official

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Brilliant Smile Sweden RE:FRESH Teeth Whitening Treatment

Brilliant Smile is the leading system in Sweden for safe and effective teeth whitening and the results are very evident. They are available here in UAE also.

Brilliant Smiles re:fresh is a simple teeth whitening treatment intended for in-office use. A gentle bleaching gel (6% hydrogen peroxide) is applied in a specially designed tray and is activated with blue plasma light.

The teeth are normally treated for 2 x 20 minutes, but an additional 20 minutes may be added to the treatment session if needed (a total of 3 x 20 min).

The result in all types of teeth whitening is individual and depends on the type and degree of discoloration. In average, re: fresh results in 5 shades whiter teeth in the standard treatment of 2 x 20 min and 6-7 shades in the treatment of 3 x 20 min.

The patient cleans the teeth with Dental Cleanser, a cleaning cloth to put on the finger which removes saliva and coatings from the teeth. The patient should not close the mouth before inserting the tray, as saliva counteracts the bleaching process.

Apply a thin layer of gel on the foam strip of the tray and spread it into an even layer.

Apply vaseline to the patient’s lips and then place the tray into the patient’s mouth. The foam strip should be against the teeth and the lips should rest outside of the tray. Be sure to inform that the patient can and should swallow their saliva during the treatment.

Place the lamp in front of the mouth. The custom made tray has a magnifying glass in front, spreading the light in the mouth. The teeth are illuminated for 20 minutes at a time.

After 20 minutes, take out the tray, wipe dry with tissue and apply a new layer of gel. The patient can rinse the mouth during this time. Dry the teeth with tissue, then again place the tray in the mouth and illuminate for 20 minutes. If necessary, this process is repeated once more.

When the light treatment is complete, remove the disposable tray. For sanitary reasons, the gel tip is removed and disposed after each patient.

I got it done at “Extreme Care PolyClinic , Al Rigga Road Dubai”  All the staff and dentists were so kind and polite.  The ambiance of the place is really like home. My Toddler was playing there like his  Aunt’s home 😂 Even the Nurse was playing with my kid. This made me more comfortable and relaxed.  To me Thats the best experience where you find such professional people in a well behaved and polite manner. It was truly Such a warm and cozy feeling I had. I got a foot massage with dental treatment and really felt very energized.  (What else you need )

And they gave my an After Treatment Kit also


In short. I felt so amazing. when I started the treatment I was at B1 and after The treatment in just a few minutes I am at A2 … Woww …. A2 is Pearly White 😂 I will definitely go for another treatment and will get my Perfect White 😁😬


The Brilliant Smile Plasma LED is one of the most powerful whitening and curing lights on the market, with an output of 2500 Mw. It operates between 400-490 Nm, thus it is ideal for whitening and curing procedures. Due to the low heat development and complete absence of UV-rays it is the safest type of whitening light in the market.

The Brilliant Smile bleaching gels are developed together with the light unit for optimal results. The unique dark purple gel absorbs the light which increases and intensifies the activation of the hydrogen peroxide. As a result, the bleaching process is faster and more effective than bleaching without light.

The light is supplied with both a standard glass curing tip as well as the whitening diffuser tip intended for in-office bleaching treatments. The light unit itself is light weight and comes with a slim and adjustable stand.

It was such a Wonderful Experience. At the moment ” Extreme Care Poly Clinic, Al Rigga Road. Dubai. Ph: 04 2 555 383 and Mobile: 058 873 5580 ., are having a deal going on for perfect Bright White Smile AED 799/- which is truly a well spent money for a Life Changing Smile 😁 Go For It ❤.

For Further details check




Smile …. Your Face Value will increase.