Eurofragance’s SCENTSOO”, A New Customizable Collections Of Fragrances – Review – A perfume with a tagline “ Find your own dimension “

EUROFRAGANCE is an international family owned company that specializes in designing and manufacturing creative fragrances. People, Passion and Creativity are their best assets. They have a goal of capturing sensations in partnership with their clients so the ultimate product become the favorite of consumers.

I am nostalgic. Music 🎶 and smell are time machine, it takes me to some specific moment and I start living it again. I am so so obsessed with perfumery. I am always in quest of best. Luckily I always find better than before. I am still looking for best 👍 today when I opened these bottles it took me back to the moment I met this team.

So in search of innovative beauty products and fragrances, I went to BeautyworldME 2017. They had a special Perfume’s Hall for people like me with 100s of new and existing master pieces. When you have too much choices to pick then only Innovation attracts you. So It was natural to get attracted by this “ Innovative and most gorgeous stand of the BeautyworldME.

The lovely perfumers team were so energetic and enthusiastic about their work. Their passion was in air , harmony and kindness of the team just surrounded me with some magic and I spent very beautiful time which I ll always remember.

Eurofragance, a company specialising in fragrance design and creation. They are famous for innovative perfumery, launched "SCENTSOO", A New Customizable Collections Of Fragrances in Beautyworld Middle East 2017

Scentsoo is a new concept for customising fragrances, a range developed by Eurofragance for fine fragrances, home care and personal care.

Fragrances in this collection have been created by perfumers Julia Rodriguez and Olaf Larsen for the 22nd edition of this exhibition. Beautyworld Middle East2017

This customisation option is available in the fine fragrance, personal care and homecare areas.
For its fine fragrances, Eurofragance has created 4 perfumes 

Powder in Bloom;
Addictive Delight;
Sublime Potion and 
Oriental Night

that can be mixed with four oils –

Velvet Molecules;
Touch of Suede;
Amber Blush and
Dark Woods-,

to create infinite combinations.
I am mixing them with different proportions and different combinations. My choice of perfume is infinite in this small magic box.

The stay power of this range is unbelievable. This perfume can last more than 12 hours in hot humid weather of Dubai. I am so so so in love with it.

If you want to get this magical perfume you can approach them at ‭(04) 277 2311‬ in Dubai Or at Eurofragance

This is the most innovative perfume you can own. Make your own fragrance as per your mood. 4 + 4 ingredients and endless options. A perfume with a tagline “ Find your own dimension “
"Perfume is linked directly to something so personal and intimate that often you would not dare to share it with anyone to protect yourself from feeling hurt or embarrassed", by Elena Knezhevich, Fragrantica.

How do you choose your perfumes?


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