Baby Foot Japan 🇯🇵 Peel Foot Mask Review

My dear followers, sorry for the late blog post. I really want to be regular about blogging. I am updating my Instagram and Facebook regularly we can catch up there. These days I am busy in something very exciting. A surprise is coming soon for my regular readers.

Let’s come to this blog post. I really wanted to try this product and wanted to give you a live review. But unfortunately this is pending since BeautyWorld ME and there is no excuse for this. The only reason for being late is “ I am lazy for my feet

I noticed many women are lazy for their feet and I am on top. Having naturally dry skin and rough weather, hard water, running here and there my feet are the most ignored part of my body and look dry and aged(minimum 10 years older than its actual age) so this product is a must try for me. To reverse aging on my feet. To kill the dead skin from it roots. Not just exfoliating but removing the dead skin. Heard a lot about it so lets give it a try

Baby Foot is an innovative Japanese foot care product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot. The unique formula of 17 types of natural extracts allow your feet to exfoliate naturally leaving them highly moisturized.

Product’s Concept

More people suffer from various problems on the feet these days – dry feet, cracked sole, athlete’s foot etc… The skin of the sole is thicker than other areas of skin in the body and thus the old dead skin layers can easily accumulate because of the burden on the skin by the pressure and friction of weight or exercise.

Baby Foot series is the easy and effective foot care with a long history since 1997. It is invented to keep soft, clean and smooth barefoot and solve foot problems. With simple use, all dead skin layers peel off by natural turnover. Baby Foot is being continuously redeveloped to make it more comfortable and effective to use based on various researches as time progresses, thus it’s gained the world recognition in over 50 countries now.

The formula is based on this visionary concept and with full dedication the research has been done. I have seen results with my own eyes. I am going to try this on myself for all of you. And I will update the everyday pic here and on Instastories.

Even before trying I am going to be the die hard fan of this mask as I have seen its results.

Baby Foot is designed specifically to remove unwanted dead skin cells from your feet.

It’s effective, effortless and very simple to use.

You just have to Open it and put on for an hour, better to wipe your toe enamel(if any) as it will also be dissolved. Wear the plastic socks filled with magic for an hour and better to massage your problem areas in this hour. Sit back and relax. You can spend time watching movie with your kid. Over an hour-long soak, the gel is absorbed into the multiple layers of skin on your feet and dissolves the desmosomes (adhesive fibers) between those layers. After one hour remove the socks and rinse with water.

I have made a video and its on Instagram and my Facebook page so you could see

The real magic will start after 5-7 days to a couple weeks post-treatment, the skin begins to peel off. Everyone says its painlessly and naturally (albeit disgustingly), revealing the smooth, soft skin underneath.

After taking all dead skin off, your feet are reborn just like a baby’s – giving you healthy, beautiful feet back ever. Relief from disturbing foot problems brings the feeling of the real bare foot sensation and it will remind the memory of the childhood. Let’s rediscover your feeling and sensation of the sole with Baby Foot. I am enjoying my feet after ages. Softness on the skin and brighter tones. I can feel my soles on floor.

I have no words to explain that Babyfoot gave my feet a new life and I am going to repeat the treatment after 4-5 months. It really reverses age from your feet.

You can buy these in leading pharmacies in UAE and @babyfootuae

Have a Happy Feet 😃👣


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