Fleur’s Ultimate Floral Skin Care – FLORASKIN Youth Plumping Cream – Review

Flower 🌸 are the beauty of the earth. Nature didn’t make anything for nothing, it replies to our common problems. We just need to explore it.

Have you ever thought, When dispensary was not that advanced , nature was our pharmacy. Herbs 🌿 and flowers 🌸 were only solutions.

We still have those flowers, herbs, tricks available. All we need to do is the little research and fusing them with technology to keep it save and spread it for mankind.

Flowers and skin close together a captivating identity. Thankfully there are some creative and loyal to nature people who work hard to research in nature, scientifically prove their theory in laboratory, methodologically test it before they bring it to the mankind. Normally such committed people don’t compromise on quality, on end result and on the wellbeing of their followers.

What if such responsible person is also having the aesthetic and artistic sense 🤔 then ???

Then, you will get an unbeatable, trusted brand. A brand you can blindly trust on. A brand made by a woman for women.

A brand that triggers emotions building on the highly symbolic world of flowers. Flower is close to the skin to deliver efficiency. So, here I am proudly introducing Fleur’s. Fleur’s is the only professional brand that highlights the power of flowers in their scientific, poetic and sensory dimension.

.Created by a passionate woman Brigitte Gédouin created the brand based on her passion for flowers 🌺 💐 🌸 and painting 🎨

Materials, colors, scents… The Fleur’s collection is filled with the artistic world of its creator.

Once you are indulged in it, you cannot get your self free from its captivating floral fragrance, silky feel and results on you.

Fleur’s Ultimate Floral Skin CareFLORASKIN Youth Plumping Cream

Nutri-fusional texture. A soft cream with a velvety feel that deposits a veil of softness on the skin.

Enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter, it gently nourishes the skin to bring it comfort and suppleness.

A delicious enveloping floral trail that reveals all the delicacy of Hibiscus in its heart.

A “morphing” cream with a dazzling floral formula that blossoms to plump the skin, recreate substance and give it all the freshness of its youth. As sensory as it is effective, this plumping floral formula has remarkable results on wrinkles, firmness and facial volume. It is delicately scented with a smooth, velvety texture and envelops the skin in exquisite comfort. Day after day, skin regains the freshness of its youth: it is supple, smooth and resilient.

BOUQUET OF YOUTH COLLECTION Anti-aging with 4 Floral Bouquets

A perfect blend of highly effective advanced formulas with maximum sensoriality to enable the skin to blossom with a second youth.


Hibiscus Smoothing effect, antioxidant

Baobab flower Anti-aging action

LIFTING FLORAL BOUQUET Edelweiss Reinforcement against harsh external factors

Inula Antioxidant, maintains the skin’s elasticity

Acmella Smoothing, firming

Passion flower Moisturizing, restores elasticity


FLORASKIN recreates substance to smooth, lift and volumize

Instant plumping result:

The skin is visibly smoothed and plumped from the 1st application: 100%*

Skin youthfulness revived after 1 month:

Skin springiness increased by +51%**

Wrinkles filled by +46%**

Skin is firmer: 100%*

My Verdict. I have been using this cream from last 2 months. I thought I ll just check it for 28 days to review. Results are visible even after first application. After 2 hours of first application I got shocked to touch my skin. My cheeks were never so smooth in ages. So smooth to touch, exactly silky touch and its fragrance is heaven. Fresh floral smell, very nostalgic.

Day by day my skin getting better, better and better. Its very smooth. I am using it twice as a moisturizer. In morning I just apply cream. But in evening I use serum also ( I ll post about serum next) its a very cute, handy a luxury jar with a spatula applicator.


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