Kabab Bazar Al Mujarrah Sharjah – Lahore’s (Pakistani) and Afghani Food in UAE – Review –

Lahories 🇵🇰 live abroad ? Haaa such a dilemma . Once I read in Ishfaq Ahmad’s book zawya that “people from Lahore go abroad , settle down but they are never be happy from inside they always miss this city deep inside their heart” .

Lahore and Afghanistan
Two traditions and two cultures to

its fullest, with best of top quality food being

served. For Afghan representation

they have a sitting area. They have

enough parking in front of the restaurant.


Indeed !!! Lahories heart ❤️ always belong to Lahore no matter wherever they are , there could be many reasons for that but one common aspect for sure is Food 🥘 🍗 🍖 we love food 💕 somewhere people say that Lahories are born to eat 😉 haaww .. yes! we are born foodies and we don’t compromise on taste.

Once you are abroad you start missing your food , we are thankful to some who provide us our own taste even far from country ” ghar say door ghar jaisa khana ” and same warm ambiance.

Long story short , got an other hidden gem in UAE right in the heart of Sharjah , named as Kabab Bazar .

Such a menu , a great place for dine in with and/or without family. They have 2 halls one designated for the families only.

Extremely well organized. Well mannered and polite staff A wide selection of food .

Kabab Bazar, Sharjah

We started with Fattoush Salad 🥗 and Umair (my hubby) said that’s the best Fattoush ever in UAE (he is Fattoush lover and cant skip it from any menu)

Fattoush at Kabab Bazar
Fattoush at Kabab Bazar Sharjah

The quality of food is superb. The high grade meat was well done in both Lamb Chops and Mutton Karahi.

Lamb chops at Kabab Bazar Sharjah
Lamb chops at Kabab Bazar Sharjah

And the Chicken BBQ was very very tasty .

BBQ at Kabab Bazar Sharjah

The dish which took my heart was “Kastoori Kabab” . A must try. If you are planning to visit I must say you should try once.

Kastoori Kabab at Kabab Bazar Sharjah

If you are Biriyani Lover and always in the quest of best biriyani in town, give it a try. They served us an aromatic and extremely tasty biriyani. Indeed this is the best biriyani in Sharjah.

Mutton Biriyani at Kabab Bazar Sharjah
BBQ at Kabab Bazar, Sharjah

When it was dessert 🍨 time. Yummm they served me ” Best Falooda in UAE ” The Kulfi is soo tasty and I can drive everyday to eat this 😉 😋 🤤

Falooda and Kulfi at Kabab Bazar Sharjah

Superb Kulfi

Malai Kulfi at Kabab Bazar, Sharjah

This is the menu I tried but as the restaurant serves Lahori and Afghani cuisine I am sure afghan dishes are also justified.

I will 100 % recommend to visit this place and get your favorite dish.

Kabab Bazar, Sharjah

The beautiful part is they serve you our traditional pan masala at the end.

Kabab Bazar, Sharjah

The food can be ordered through Talabat and direct home delivery option is also available.

Kabab Bazar, Sharjah

Happy eating 🍽 🥘 🍗 🍖 🍲 🥗 🍛


Fleur’s Hydra-Nutritive Floral Oil Review

Ultra-absorbent and very light dry oil, with a velvety finish. A fresh floral and feminine burst of scent, like a freshly picked bouquet of Freesia. PASSION FLOWER OIL is for moisturizing and to restore elasticityHIBISCUS OIL gives smoothing effect and is a famous antioxidant. While GORSE OIL is for softening action The clinical studies shows the remarkable results. MOISTURIZING PERFORMANCE*Average increase of the level of skin hydration after 1 hour: 33.4%NUTRITION**Skin is lipid-replenished 96%Skin is visibly plumped 87%  Fleur’s Resolutely feminine professional brand, Fleur’s highlights the power of flowers in their scientific, poetic and sensory dimensions to deliver efficiency. Created by a passionate woman Brigitte Gédouin created the brand based on her passion for flowers and painting.Materials, colors, scents… The Fleur’s collection is filled with the artistic world of its creator.I am speechless. This is real luxurious and effective facial oil I have ever used. Can’t describe it. The texture is smooth, very light and quickly absorbs. It’s lightest on your skin and leaves an amazing glow, a healthy glow. For my dry skin it’s heaven. My skin is thankful for this creation and smells like a fresh flowers 💐 around. Looks pricy but actually its not as 2-3 drops are more than enough. I also use it sometimes mixing in my foundation and apply for dewy look. The bottle is almost finished and I am definitely going to buy again. If you are planing to buy a facial oil for yourself. Give it a try.In UAE you may buy Full Fleur’s range from Le Royal Meridian Dubai and internationally from Fleur’s.com

Maxfactor Miracle Contour kit and Maxfactor Miracle Glow Duo – Review

MaxFactor Miracle Contour is a creamy and good pigmented contour even amateur MUA, like me, can easily apply. The biggest plus point is easy blend-ability , YES!!! it can be easily blended and you may get a sculpted face in a blink with less efforts.

It stays on your face for hours , unless you clean it with makeup remover.

One Miracle Contour palette with 4 contouring shades cover almost all skin tones. While 2 lift and 2 highlight shades declutter your vanity pouch and makes it a ‘Must Have’ .

Maxfactor Miracle Glow Duo

It is miracle, they named it right. It’s creamy, pigmented texture blends easily and stays on for hours(unless you remove it with makeup remover)

Glow is amazing, shines like a diamond 💎 in a blink.

Thank you @MaxFactor and @Influensterme for the wonderful complimentary products. .





#MiracleContouring #complimentary #MaxFactor @influensterme @maxfactorarabia

For buying in UAE: https://souq.link/2J6GRaJ




Have you ever wondered how city life 🌃 effects your skin. Obviously the running urban life style, always going here and there, schedules deadlines,air conditioner, in the car, on the road, smoke, pollution, humidity, construction, sun , harsh UV rays and above all stress !!! How do you deal with it ?

Our skin pays the toll of our lifestyle. This is the right treatment; just One Jar, One Cream and you are sorted.

CityLife Cream by Phytomer

FACE AND EYE CONTOUR SORBET CREAM. It is for Tired, polluted and dull skin’s cream.

CityLife Sorbet Cream

This 2-in-1 cream for face and eyes protects and repairs the skin from damage caused by urban pollution: dehydration, signs of fatigue, dark spots and dull complexion. It has a refreshing sorbet texture and intensely moisturizes the skin, restoring all its freshness.

Check the ingredients;

Phytomer CityLife Skin Treatment

Such a fine and natural list of ingredients suits all kinds of skin types. Even the sensitive skin. One cream many solutions.

Phytomer CityLife Cream

Day after day, signs of fatigue fade away, the complexion is more even and dark spots are less visible. No clogging at all , not at all. No sebum around the nose, no dry flakes. Such formulation is called the “Miracle in Jar” for me.

Packaging of Phytomer CityLife skin care

See from the packaging to the performance everything is keenly taken care. Luxury is not just in the name but also in the performance. It works from the deepest layer of the skin and in no time your face is visibly hydrated and smooth.


The grand prize winner in France of the 2017 Women’s Beauty Award.

CLINICAL RESULTS (from Phytomer.com)


– 47 % of microparticles on the skin after the 1st application*


More hydration: Immediately**

More radiance: In 1 week***

Less dark circles, puffiness and dark spots: In 1 month***

*Single application of CITYLIFE, exposure to microparticles, rinse then measurement of the amount of microparticles.

**Measurement of the level of hydration by corneometry on 12 volunteers, 15 minutes after a single application.

***Self-scoring. Application twice-daily for 7 and 28 days on 24 women.

Phytomer history


This brand is For nearly 50 years, PHYTOMER has been transforming the sea into skin care to effectively reveal women and men’s beauty: a natural, authentic, vibrant beauty.

PHYTOMER, a pioneer in marine biotechnology, inspired by scientific research and by the beauty of the sea. To combine these passions, PHYTOMER created a unique laboratory entirely dedicated to marine biotechnologies. A laboratory where human synergies are combined to push the boundaries of research ever further.

PHYTOMER scientists are the first in the world to cultivate the sea in the laboratory to amplify its power for the skin. They create high-quality, ecologically responsible formulas by controlling every step from discovery of the active ingredient to production of the final product.

My verdict : As I mostly live indoors with my Dry Sensitive Skin and I was also facing Pollution of air conditioning and closed rooms. I found this cream healing the sensitive patches. It gives a soothing effect from the very first application, quickly absorbs and leaves a supple and deep hydrated skin in no time. It makes the texture smoother in a blink and naturally smooth skin on regular, twice a day use. I gave this cream 8 weeks before I started writing my verdict.

Like a fresh breeze of sea 🌊 which depolluting the skin of city-dwelling women with the effect of a vacation by the sea.

The only thing missing is SPF (which I felt good) Phytomer kept it natural and very light weight.

I am freely using it under any makeup, form light to full coverage foundation, day and night makeup as It quickly absorbs into skin and leaves no greasy effects, so anyone can give it a try.

It 💯 % works …. 💕

If you are looking for just one cream which is day and night, for eyes and face then that’s the perfect choice for you.

PHYTOMER is a leading French Luxurious skin care brand, the full range of products available at Le Royal Meridien Dubai. It is also available on some online stores.

Send me a message if you have any question about this treatment.

Happy Hydration 💦 💧 🌊

Zam Zam Bukhari Restaurant – Ajman

Such an amazing review written by Naina

Naina at Cooking

Zam Zam Bukhari Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Zam Zam Bukhari Restaurant,although a simple restaurant, which serves seriously good food in Ajman.
For those who want to avoid the hassle of traffic from Ajman to Dubai, your iftar evenings are well sorted out with authentic Pakistani, Afghani & Arabic food. Zam Zam Bukhari is situated inside the city, but to make it more convenient food can also be delivered free at your place within Ajman. And what makes this restaurant more special is the extensive buffet spread at a very reasonable price of only AED 35. Another great offer is the 24 hours opening time of the restaurant.
So during Ramadan you can also head over to Northern emirates to break your fast & avail this great deal.
The meals will start with Iftar items followed by a lavish buffet. The dishes include an array of meat ,seafood & vegetarian items.

Authentic flavors & taste reminds you of…

View original post 195 more words

Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish from shofon.com – Review

Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish – Review

Buy authentic Klairs products

Is a most needed addition on your weekly facial routines if u have dull , rough and tired skin. It quickly exfoliates dead skin cells and eliminates the waste from the skin while massage. It easily cleans your blackheads and excessive sebum on face. While exfoliating its contents also moisturize the dry skin. It’s written that it is suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients: Black sugar, Shea Butter, Cranberry Oil, Vitamin E

Purpose: Dead skin cell and blackhead removal, Sensitive skin cleansing, make up residue cleansing

Klairs Gentle black sugar facial polish is made of edible black sugar, not the chemical one. We all know that Chemical sugar scrubbing hurt skin but brown sugar and that too the natural one exfoliates and cleanse the clog pores and removes dead skin cells.

For me its especially useful to remove blackhead on the nose and a little bit dead skin, I have, on cheeks. Its formula of Shea Butter, Cranberry Oil and Vitamin E enhances skin moisture and protect sensitive skin from itchiness and stimulus after cleansing.

Just take a small amount at your hand, add few drops of water and massage onto your skin. Trust me you ll love this massage. Do it in small circular motions and focus on lymphatic points and rinse with warm water.

See my before after photos at instagram post http://www.instagram.com/amyumair

You can buy guaranteed authentic Korean products 💯 in UAE 🇦🇪 and across GCC from http://www.shofon.com use ‘ambreen’ at checkout for 10 % discount.

Or click the link https://shofon.com/discount/ambreen

** this link will automatically apply 10% on anything you buy from @shofon.com

Natura Bissé Beauty Lovers Day . #BeautyLoversDay 🌹

Natura Bissé is a Spanish Brand and one of the world’s highest phenomenal skincare. Recently it got recognized by Forbes Magazine. And this is the First Ever recognition for any Skin Care in the World.

Natura Bissé is endorsed by famous celebrities in the world but brand never ever paid any of them as Natura Bissé working on the pillars of Honest and Integrity towards their clients and a promise that the clients will get proven effective skin care with state of art packaging and support so the brand will speak itself.

I tried a couple of facials and I couldn’t agree more that why its the most loved brand by people like Beyonce who used this name in her song 😂(I didn’t hear the song yet, last night Sara Al Madni was telling in her speech on #BeautyLoversDay) all what I know about the brand is its superb. I have written a review post on a facial once (you may scroll down to read)

Natura Bissé celebrates the “BeautyLoversDay” every year, in the month of April. In Dubai, they celebrate it in “The RitzCarlton, Jumeriah Beach Residence

The concept and tradition of behind this celebration is to commemorate Natura Bissé’s strong commitment to beauty and skincare, just in time for its 35th anniversary. This unique event takes place on St. George’s Day (April 23rd), which is a very significant date in Barcelona, the city in which the company was born. On that day, tribute is paid to love, culture and legends. During this very special time, the brand’s iconic points of sale around the world are filled with roses, books and the most exclusive cosmetics “.


This was my consecutive 2nd year attending the BeautyLoversDay and its nothing but Positive Vibes and Energies, Love and Roses 🌹 beauty and commitment towards yourself that every relationship is important in your life, express it and Live it . Give Roses and Books to celebrate the Beauty of relationship in your life.

Even the drinks and munches served are red and based on roses 🌹

Her Excellency Sheikha Sara Al Madni is the brand ambassador of Natura Bissé

Sara Al Madni , the Brand Ambassador of NaturaBisse

We all loved and have great fun while she had few words about the brands and its experience.

Please see the insta story highlights, how she holds her son while she was talking.

H.E. Sheikha Sara Al Madni is sharing her experiences about Natura Bissé

CEO and Owner the of the Natura Bissé Ricardo Fisas

Read more about history of Natura Bissé at


Every passing year on the beautyloversday there is a new launch. NB introduce a new family member.


Limited edition for beauty lovers day . Inhibit HD

I have so much to share about the #BeautyLoversDay and Natura Bissé but I ll reserve my words and will share on a later event .

Enjoy the photos and show some love to people around you. Gift them a flower 🌹 and books 📚 and participate in this amazing tradition of Barcelona 🌹 📚

I posted insta stories last night and l highlighted them for you to see later. Go check at Instagram.com/amyumair further you may see the event stories at #BeautyLoversDay and #RCMemories

More pictures will be uploaded when I ll get the official photos from NaturaBisse HQ.

Every year NaturaBisse comes up with a new idea of documenting the event with an innovative way. Last year it was colorful Frame props and this year a beautiful red rose petals shower

If you want to use this lovely frame with rose petal showers in a video head to https://beautyloversday.com/en/#rainfall-of-rose-petals and Enjoy 💃

Happy #BeautyLoversDay 🌹🌹 📚 📖

Kulcha King Dubai – Review and Kids Menu

I had such a wonderful time with my fellow bloggers and their kids at Kulcha King Dubai.

Kulcha King chicken qeema Kulcha

I am so connected with this word Kulcha. I have countless memories of my childhood where Kulcha used to be the part of every breakfast. Kulcha with Lassi (which you can enjoy at KulchaKing Dubai Restaurant) sometimes Kulcha with Paya and Kulcha with any saucy thing. The Kulcha shops were usually run by the Pathans and Kashmiris. That Kulcha had a special aroma a little swollen like (thick crust of pizza) well I have many memories about Kulcha, whenever I ll get a chance in future to travel back home. I ll create another post for my follower.

So back to Kulcha King Review

Kulcha King invited us on a lunch 🥗 as they are re-branding and introduced the Kids 🧒 👶 Meals.

Nice Cozy Place. Didn’t have much issue in parking. Normally it is available in-front (mentioned parking as its hectic to get parking in this Area. Kulcha king introduced some amazing menus for kids. That’s blessing for parents when they don’t understand what to order. Kulcha King took responsibility for making a balanced nutritious thali (veg and non veg) both. Further you may also check at https://www.kulchaking.com

Yumm Mango Lassi at Kulcha King

The best taste was the Mango Lassi !!! I tried Chicken Qeema Kulcha that was Superb ! Very Crispy , full of mince filling and soo yummy. The best part in this dish was the RED sauce they give Kulcha.

Chicken Qeema Kulcha with RED ❤️ Sauce

Kids Thali is ahhmazing. The food is enough quantity that kids who eat less can even share the thali with kids.

My Munchkin Eating his Yummy Balo Veg Thali

Taste is guaranteed at Kulcha King !!!! Every thing they cook is Classy !!!

Balo thali (non veg)

Suggestion ::

Kulcha King have a great kids meals but they just need to add colorful crockery as they have same traditional bras Thalis (which are actually good) may be you can engrave the thalis with some animals) but that doesn’t really matter as food is good and you can visit with your family.

Non Veg Thali for Kids at Kulcha King

To be honest Kids Meals were real actual full meals. They tried to balance between nutrition and taste. So the parents need not to worry.

Yummy Chicken Qeema Kulcha

There are four kinds of selection between Veg and Non Veg for kids. And it’s affordable.

There are 7 branches of Kulcha King in UAE . Zomato is a best guide where you can get the further reviews, menu and directions.

Happy Eating !!!!

FILORGA PARIS OPTIM-EYES® Eye contour³ Dark circles – Puffiness – Wrinkles – Eye Cream Review


Eye contour³

Dark circles – Puffiness – Wrinkles


Smooth and fresh Eye Contours, a biggest dream of everyone. But unfortunately the lifestyle doesn’t allow eyes to stay healthy and fresh. Continues contact with screens and poor sleep, city pollution and etc etc cause dark circles, puffy eyes and pre mature wrinkles. We all face that , we all !!!


And If you ignore this, Aging will start visible right from eyes.

Your eyes are the 1st noticed thing on your face and I have distributed sleep cycle. I spend my whole day and night in front of screens so I feel pity on my eyes 😝. But I want them to be bright and wide opened too. 😂 Now my eyes are loosing patience and with the passage of time this lack of sleep and my bad health conditions make my eyes tired and puffy. I am an Eye Cream girl and just cant ignore the eyes in SkinCare. I love to apply eye contour serums, creams, gels and roll-ons. Almost I have tried all available brands.

Some brands impressed me and works and some just names. From last one year I am stuck on this Filorga Paris’s Optim Eyes . Oh God ! It’s a holy grail. It works …. it just clears every sign of fatigue around eyes and you look healthy even if you are not 😆

Without any concealer and in normal light

In first month of its use I didn’t notice anything but as I just love this brand Filorga Paris, I kept using it. Then I noticed my eyes look fresh from inside and there are no more pre mature wrinkles or dryness around my eyes. I apply a tiny drop on both eyes. Means one 💧 on both eyes and on lids also. Its giving my hooded eyes a lift too. I am just soo happy with it. I put it in the refrigerator and it’s temperature gives me more soothing effects on my tired eyes.

Without any makeup, a total bare eye

The Jar is very handy and cute and made with a state of the art technology to keep the product fresh till last drop and rotating pump keep it contamination free.

It absorbs in few seconds. I also apply makeup after this and don’t even remember that I have applied it.

So my eyes don’t need anything. This should be a part of every women’s skin regimens.

it looks pricey but actually its not, a small drop goes a long way and on top your eyes are Priceless.

In UAE you can buy from

https://www.filorga.com/us_en/optim-eyes Or BinaSina Pharmacies and Basharacare.com


The Matte Lipstick Craze. 💄 💄 💄 .

I am also crazy about the matte lipsticks like everyone. And more in love with the liquid matte lipstick because of its applicators and gliding powers . And I expect it to be there on my lips for longer. Mostly it doesn’t happen. Some mattes are not at all mattes and some just fade away in half an hour or chap your lips like Yuck !!! I want my lipstick to stay matte and longer. .

Here I Reveal the elegance of timeless glamour and effortless beauty with Skin O2’s astounding collection of matte liquid lipsticks- @skino2me made by Doctors and inspired by the bold colours of the vast Arabian Desert. Just Smother those lips with long lasting and revolutionary lipsticks.

Matte Liquid Lipstick are having these Colours:

• Lady Jay #1 (Red)

• True Brown #2 (Dark Brown)

• Kiki #3 (Nude Plum)

• Candy #4 (Nude Pink)

• Sheikha #5 (Royal Purple)

• Dhabi #6 (Nude Beige)

These amazing lippies are truly: .

• Vegan 🌱

• Cruelty Free 🐇

One picture, thousand words …

Sometimes you can’t explain by words and sometimes just a small gesture says it all. Above picture is a true explanation of my experience. My experience of using the @skino2au matt lipstick in desert.

You know that I am also addicted of Matt Lipsticks. But I hate it when all the very famous high end brands chap and make a cracky O shaped lipstick after few minutes 😠. I can’t bear the uncomfortable feeling of matt lips. The deserted 🌵 air and humidity level made Matt lips more worse like a nightmare.

BUT, Now I Have a totally opposite experience. My SkinO2’s Matt lipsticks are extremely hydrating. The moment you apply it starts repairing your lips and I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ how come my lips look Matt 🤔 extremely soft matt and doesn’t fade from the middle of the lips. It doesn’t transfer on my son’s cheeks 😂 It stays !!! YES ! Its stays intact, as it is and longer than many brands (which every girl use and very famous) I am just so so so in love with it. After I remove it my lips look treated, soft and moisturized.

I would recommend all Makeup Junkies out there. Give it a try Once !!! You ll not go to any other brand. 💯

You can order it direct from

https://www.skino2.com.au/product/451-matte-liquid-lipstick-box-set-of-6 and use code 2AMBREEN at check out to get 10% discount and enjoy flawless face in minutes. .


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