Living Nature Ultra-Nourishing Mask Review

Living Nature Ultra-Nourishing Mask

This mask is by Living Nature and Living Nature searched the world for the best natural standards and chose BDIH.
BDIH is the international industry benchmark control body for certification of natural skincare. It is an agency and based in Europe. Living Nature has met their strict standards of purity, environmentally friendly production methods, ingredients, ecological soundness and social responsibility.
Choose Cruelty Free – Living Nature is designed for humans and the products/ingredients are not tested on animals.

Recyclable Packaging – packaging is fully recyclable.

This is For dry and mature skins And This intensive, rich treatment offers Active Manuka Honey to replenish moisture and Rosehip plus other botanical oils to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Use 1 – 2 times each week
Apply generously in upward circular strokes onto the face, avoiding the eyes
Relax for at least 20 minutes, then massage into the skin and remove any excess with a cotton pad

I found this Natural Mask as ” Most Hyderating Mask I ever Used ” it nourishes like real honey on my face with all its soothing effects. When I applied it I felt calm feeling on my cheeks. I havd dry sensitive skin and it hurts a lot in this season of the year in UAE. After 3-4 minutes I felt that something really working on my face. Deep down in my dry skin and I think its natural fragrance was giving me the soothing feeling. I really enjoyed it, in 10 minutes I was like ZzzZzzzZzz … I have extremely Dry Skin and I feel it when something really works on me. This mask worked really well. I massaged after 20 mins in circular motions and I already had absorbed 80% into my skin. Rest of the 20% I massaged and absorbed. Then I cleaned it with cotton pad. And took a nap. I felt bright smooth and plumped skin on my cheeks. I took the after pic immediately after cleaning face.

But After few hours I noticed the real difference My face was truly Hyderated. I felt I had some Oxygen Facial or I slept 12 hours 😜. So Plumped and  bright that You can only feel when Try. Visible Difference Guaranteed

You can buy this from

I will give this mask 4.8/5 💕💕💕💕 I am no more scared of this weather in UAE . Yayyy !!!!


Elicina Snail Cream Review


I have heard about Magic Of Snail Creams on scars and marks and Elicina is the top brand across the globe. In fact Elicina is called as “World’s best AntiAging Cream”.
And I am very happy to know that we can buy this in UAE now. I really wanted to try so I got one from
It took almost 2 days and This #MagicCream got delivered. Its Packaging is average doesn’t look luxurious like other anti aging creams. But The Product inside is amazing. YES!!! It works.

I dont have much wrinkles but because of Dry Skin My skin felt very tight. A few pre-mature wrinkles are here and there to make me worried 😄 so I keep fighting with it and looking for good products.
This Cream have 2 formulas

1. Elicina
2. Elicina Plus

Elicina is for normal to Oily Skin as it makes skin a little dry so good for Oily and Acne prone Skin and Elicina Plus is like a moisturizer to keep skin moistened.
But I put my moisturizer on top to keep it soft as my skin is extremely dry. Now I am feeling a Lifting Effect around my eyes without going under knife 😂. This is so amazing. Because of its dry effects I just Use it in problem areas. Like around my eyes on bridge of my nose and Smile lines . And I could see the Visible Difference after almost 4 weeks of continuous application.

I tried it on an Acne Prone Skin also but as It was a swear men Acne and very hard one 😞 so I know it will take time to work.
But it dried the pimple in a couple of days only and Redness is totally vanished. YES !!! #RednessOnFace is Totally Vanished.
If you are looking for Snail anti aging cream this is a must try. I will give it 4/5 as it just dry the skin and you need to put moisturizer. But for Oily and Acne-prone Skin Elicina Classic Formula works wonder.
You cannot call it a Botox in Bottle but Yes It works on your skin slowly on targeted areas. Give it some serious time. It removes Acne redness in a couple of days. I loved this Formula. But its a spot cream for Acne Or Marks.

You can buy from @elicina

Happy Aging 💕❤ Age with Grace 💕❤