RasoiGhar – Veg Restaurant – Karama Dubai – Review

Today I saved a Chicken 🐔

I am a foodie person I try everything served me. I love food even I dont know my favorite dish.

Today we planned Vegetarian 🌱 Food as I started thinking and eating Healthy 😂. So after all the hypes from here and there we head to RasoiGhar Karama Dubai.

Well let me tell you this BurDubai and Karama is my favorite places specially the Burjuman Mall area. So we reached there and luckily got a parking and entered the RasoiGhar.

Well name justifies. It looks like a ghar and if for some reason you don’t find it like a ghar their warm hospitality make you feel like home.

Very Cultured and traditional Gujrati and Rajasthani combination. From Interior to the quality and quantity of food. From Value of Money to hygiene and attitude of staff. I ll give it a 5stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
It’s a pure vegetarian resturant with more than 110 varieties of dishes(never knew that vegetarians have these much options). It’s ambiance is truly traditional, lively, perfect for a family dine out. The soft music in background will be nostalgic. They have very cosy and comfortable seating arrangements both English and traditional on the floor.

They help you wash your hands on your table like kings🤴 and queens 👸🏻 in pure traditional Rajasthani way.

Then will serve you the welcome drink (Nimbo Pani, in case if you go on Friday)then starters (Dhokla, Paneer Pakora, yummylicious Choti Kachori Chaat, Chutney and Pappad)

They were kind enough to make a special little thali for my little one so He could also satisfy his little taste buds. So thankful for the team for your kind gesture to kids.

You cant hold your hands once you start eating starters and main course is yet to serve. May be someday I’ll just go to eat that starters only that Choti Kachori Chat.

Here it comes a big Thali with variety of vegetables served with Puri, Roti’s, varieties Of Daal, etc etc.

They kept refilling your bowls like Mummy or someone your relative. They want you to eat more and more and more. If you are on diet you need to tell them don’t serve me. They ll still serve you but half spoon twice so you don’t feel you are over eating 😂.

When I was tired eating thali and thought its done, they served variety of 🍚 rice (Veg Kabli Pulao, Khhichri, White Rice) I knew its tasty so cant say NO 😂because of basmati aroma and perfection cooking of rice.

Story didn’t finish here. They Opened a new Chapter. They wont let you go without trying their desserts. Aah no dessert 🍮 its variety of traditional sweet dishes, I used to read in history. Specially Badam ka Halwa 😍 wow 😮 I am writing and I am drooling. You cant say NO to that PoranPoli (I ate it very 1st time ever)
Recommended Go and start eating Veg food (they also have varieties) I am having Green Tea 🍵

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