Lanolincosmetics Keratin Treatment Review 

Lanolin based Keratin Treatment …Lanolin International Professional Hair Care Review

I got a chance to review this new technology in Keratin Treatment with a secret ingredient Lanolin, 3 weeks back. Why I am writing review now after 3 weeks is: I just wanted to test it in all ways before I start recommending. No doubt its results amazed me and I knew I ll đź’Ż % recommend it to women with extremely frizzy , dry, damaged hair. 

Though After getting the very good results, I thought  Before I post and recommend, as usual, I did some research on its formula to know the secret. I found something different in its name. A Secret “Lanolin

What is Lanolin ? 
Lanolin is known as wool wax or wool fat. Readily absorbed by the skin, lanolin resembles skin’s own sebum. It is highly emollient and an effective moisturiser. It is cushioning and protects the skin. So it makes sense to me why Hair absorbed this formula so well and why results are that durable. 

Why Lanolin ??? Benefits: 
Lanolin is an excellent moisturising ingredient, as it emulsifies water on the skin and holds it there; its cushioning, plumping effect is noticeable. It is a perfect ingredient for conditioning and protecting the skin. It creates a protective film over the skin, allowing it to function and breathe naturally. 

Now you can imagine these properties in your SkinCare Or Haircare. 

When Hair Hold moisture, water content is balanced , there is no reason your hair become frizzy. 

Lanolincosmetics Keratin Treatment is not an ordinary Brazilian Keratin Treatment. In fact its a unique product with wide range of selection. As every woman in unique with her own needs her keratin treatment solution is also unique. 

These are the types of treatment they offer as per your need. 

  1. Botox 
  2. Crystal
  3. Lamintaion
  4. Protein 
  5. Secret
  6. After Care Shampoos and Conditioners 


Below in the pic. My Hair before treatment. You could say its too dry and Frizzy … 

Lanolincosmetics Experts suggested the Crystal Treatment on my hair. Now the process started and took almost 5 hours … 

Reason : the staff doing my hair Was amazingly committed and professional. She took care of each and every strand of my hair in all steps. 

Plus point here was the Smell of Keratin. It was not like the pungent smell of other keratins I had. Its like Fruity smell in Kitchen.

The Other Biggest Point is… 
I didn’t have to keep it for three days … She Just washed my Hair immediately and no restrictions of keeping it for three days or not going to beach. 
Well the Final results are amazing 

Here started the real test of Lanolincosmetics Keratin Treatment … I enjoyed my hair after that Extremely Manageable, smooth and Frizz Free. 
I was trying to figure out the difference between this and other treatments I had in past. Here I felt the difference of No Smell

And No Itching in eyes đź‘€. Smell was fantastic rather the pungent formaldehyde based smell. 

So This is the Big Big Plus for mummies with kids to have such treatment. 👶 👶 

Now the after care Shampoo & Conditioner. Very Unique blend and Formula… the Only Tip I will give here is. Use less Conditioner . The less is more in this case. 

After 1st Wash on a brand’s testimonial shot 

After 1 week

After 2 weeks 

After 3 weeks 

My Hair still like brand new treatment very smooth. Very straight and manageable and everyone is admiring.   So guys this is the secret.

I am truly enjoying my hair in all forms. When hair got healthy you can choose any style. The Styling girl was just amused to see my hair and all the other people there .. thank You Lanolincosmetics Keratin Treatment.

So, I didn’t find a single reason to say No to this treatment in future. Their staff is well trained and professional. You can call Hayat for appointments at +971 50 297 1711. đź’Ż recommended!!! 
They did it at very high tech salon in Dubai in Nad Al Hamar area @Prestige_Palace_Salon. About the Salon I will write in another post. 

You go get your Keratin Treatment before you get high humidity and extreme frizzy hair in the season. 

Take Care Of Your Hair … its your đź‘‘ 

Happy Hair 🙍🏻 







If you’re a woman worrying about thinning hair or hair loss you’re not alone. In fact, 72% of us stress about our hair and how it looks.
Nanogen can help boost your confidence with hair thickening treatments and guaranteed results.
This salon-style treatments just for women gives your hair added shine and an instant thickening and volumising effect, enriched with peptides, anti-ageing hyaluronic acid, and breakthrough Nanogen growth factors. Suitable for minoxidil users.

Having thick, healthy, nourished hair makes us feel happy and increases our confidence. But the environment we live in, our age and lifestyle can all have a detrimental effect, resulting in confidence – knocking limp, dull and lifeless hair.

Nanogen’s Thickening Hair Treatment Shampoo is a new type of thickening shampoo for women that volumises, moisturises and plumps hair. Dermatologically tested to care for sensitive scalps and enriched with patented Nanogen growth factors this thickening shampoo provides visibly thicker, and healthier hair from the very first wash.

* Contains patented Nanogen hair growth factors
A complex of actives which support and stimulate the natural processes found in hair to maintain healthy hair growth.
* Redensifying Peptides
Peptides to aid the prevention of follicle shrinkage and loss of hair anchoring.
* Deep Cleansing Salicylic Acid
Provides deep cleansing for the hair and scalp
* Aloe and Chamomile
Provides soothing properties to reduce irritation and increase scalp comfort. Keeps the hair and scalp healthy.
* Other
Soothing Beta-Glucan, Free from SLS/SLES, Parabens, Formaldehyde Donors, Formulation assessment confirms that Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo for Women is suitable for users of minoxidil products.

My Review
It has been 10 days now I am using this treatment. I Felt a Visible Difference in my HairFall. My Hair Look Naturally Thick but as I have Dry Hair it also looks a little rough. This treatment made my Hair a Better , Thicker version. Taking Less Time in setting it. Above all a Mirror Like Shine is like never before.

Shampoo is so light weight and liquified smooth like a very expensive formula. It is Sulphate Free as its Texture and Leather shows.
When I applied this on my scalp a cooling sensation made me feel so refreshed. It works on scalp and you can feel it. Normally it doesn’t happen with ordinary shampoos. The cleansing effect can be felt while massage and washing Hair is so easy. Scalp and Hair are Cleansed and cleaned throughly. I just loved my strands after shampoo and YES!!!! The Difference could be seen after 1st Wash.
My Hair are more Shinier, Thicker, Smooth and Clean.

It is dermatologically tested Thickening Treatment Shampoo fortified with patented Nanogen growth factors for encouraging hair growth, making it the perfect hair loss shampoo for women. It also has redensifying peptides for thickness, deep cleansing salicylic acid, soothing beta-glucan, and aloe and chamomile to keep your scalp healthy and irritation-free.


A new improved thickening conditioner for women that visibly fattens finer hair to give amazing thickness and volume. Scientifically formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and growth factors.


If you want healthy looking hair that’s full of life and bounce, you need a conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down. This is especially true when your hair is fine or thinner than others.
Nanogen’s Thickening Hair Treatment Conditioner is a hair treatment just for women that plumps fine hair from the very first wash giving you thicker, shiny looking hair that’s full of vitality. Dermatologically tested to care for sensitive scalps

* Contains patented Nanogen hair growth factors
A complex of actives which support and stimulate the natural processes found in hair to maintain healthy hair growth.
* Anti-ageing hyaluronic acid
Provides intense moisturisation for the hair and scalp, conditioning the hair for a healthier, silky appearance. Retaining up to 1000x its weight in water, it gives added support to hair follicles helping them look and feel younger.
* Other
Provitamin B5, Caffeine, Free from SLS/SLES, Parabens, Formaldehyde Donors, Formulation assessment confirms that Nanogen Thickening Treatment Conditioner for Women is suitable for users of minoxidil products

My Review

Can You Imagine a Conditioner have the Qualities of Anti Aging? Yes !!! Qualities of Anti Aging Hyaluronic Acid made it unique among all the available conditioners. Hyaluronic Acid is also known as the Fountain Of Youth . I feel that My Hair become more Fuller and Thicker in few Days. It Smells great and Leaves Hair So Soft and Volumized that they look thick.
This dermatologically tested Thickening Treatment Conditioner is fortified with patented Nanogen growth factors for stimulating hair growth, making it the perfect hair loss treatment for women. It also has thickening keratin proteins, anti-ageing hyaluronic acid, nourishing provitamin B5 and caffeine to stimulate hair follicle growth.


what else do you need for your Hair from a Shampoo and Conditioner

 I will post about Serum and Mask Also in next post. I am happy that I got an answer for thining Hair Solutions … 

you can get your from … 
Happy Shampooing 💕❤🎊🎉🎉